About Your Marma Therapy Session


The next step is to take a few minutes to learn more about what exactly the treatment will look like, and to see if it’s an aligned fit for you at this time.

It is my responsibility to give you a treatment with your maximum benefit in mind and as such, I want to emphasize this point and make sure that you are completely aware of Marma’s process and potential before receiving the treatment.

After reviewing more information about the session, you will find the calendar to book your session at the bottom of this page. 

Movement & Techniques

Please watch this short two minute video as it shows some of the movements and techniques that will be used in the session:

Foot Marma

Foot Marma

Foot Marma

Body Walk

Body Walk

Akara Massage

What People are Saying

“I was nervous going into my first session but Jonny’s knowledge and calming presence made me feel at ease. I’ve had 3 Marma Therapy sessions so far and they have been powerful, helping me to release stuck emotions and energies in my body that have been wanting to move for a long time.” – Katey

“The Marma Therapy treatment allowed me to so clearly see the parts of my body and mind that need work. I left the session feeling incredibly light, aware, and awake. A few days later the effects of Marma Therapy still persist and have inspired me to take better care of myself everyday through small daily rituals. I will definitely prioritize this powerful healing modality as much as possible in the future.” – Sylvia

“In the Marma session I experienced both deep relaxation as well as activation of the body’s innate healing capacity. I really enjoyed it although it is not pain-free (in a good way!!) Highly recommended.” – Jahnavi


What’s so special and different about this treatment?

The Marma Chikitsa, or marma therapy treatment, is highly unique and is unlike any other treatment in the U.S. This particular treatment stems from an ancient warrior tradition in India. It involves a very close-connected sacred touch bodywork approach.

Marma is highly unique in that it isn’t your traditional spa treatment or relaxing massage. A Marma healing session is more of a comprehensive somatic therapy and is used to address the underlying root imbalances of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain. As with most detoxification modalities this kind of treatment can bring up some uncomfortable, yet highly transformative sensations, feelings, and thoughts. I will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Why is this treatment free?

I am a recent massage therapy graduate and soon to be a holistic health practitioner graduate. Providing these treatments will allow me to gain the experience and confidence I’m looking for. I am also asking that you please fill out a review/feedback form after your treatment that will be sent out via email. Receiving your honest feedback will help me become a better Marma Therpaist and set me up to serve others at a more effective level.

Where will my treatment take place?

ICOHS College 1770 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

When are treatments available?

Free sessions are being offered from April 25th through May 18th on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 10am.

How long does a treatment take?

The length of time commitment for the initial session is about 3 hours. This includes parking, intake, the session, breaks if needed, and integration period at the end.

What should I bring/wear?

The most important thing is to bring is an open mind and a willingness to be fully present for your session. Wear comfortable clothes, similar to what you would wear to a yoga class or massage. The Akara massage does use oil and there could be some transfer to clothing. Water, pillows, and blankets will be provided, but feel free to bring anything that will make you feel more comfortable.

Book Your Session Now

If there are no more sessions available, please email me at marmamize@gmail.com to be added to the waitlist in case of any cancellations and to be notified when more sessions become available.